Applying Statecraft

Statecraft has two components. Drawing on the experience of highly-vetted professionals in over 20 areas of expertise, and the strengths of strategic partners, Statecraft International is ready to apply proven methods in the design, implementation and recruitment for the success of Democracy-building efforts in the most challenging developing, conflict and post-conflict settings.

In addition to strategic U.S. partners, Statecraft has also partnered with the University of Baghdad College of Law, the Iraq Bar and Lawyer’s Union, the Human Rights Centre of the University of Pristina, and the University of Mitrovica Law Faculty, as well as a number of leading NGO’s and think-tanks.

In Washington, Statecraft provides the fullest range of policy, rapid communications and strategic counsel. We are ready to schedule a Washington visit to meet all client needs, from Capitol Hill and the Administration, to opinion leaders at think-tanks and associations.